Директно от избата - директно на вашата трапеза!

Directly from the cellar - directly at your table!

Crémant d’Alsace
The Cremant d'Alsace reveal a pale gold color. The bubbles are fine, regular and
unfold in a column in the flutes(by far preferable to cuts). Nose: very fresh with aromas of white fruit (pears, apples),
peaches or apricots and sometimes hints of dried fruit, white flowers, brioche. Mouth: We find the fresh fruity nose seen in
the volume while enjoying wine and delicate sparkle. Food and wine: Serve chilled between 5 and 7, Crémant is a refined aperitif wine
and a cocktail reception or ideal. Discreetly fruity freshness will also enhance the most varied gastronomic events throughout the meal:
cold or hot, seafood, white meats, cheeses with flowered crust (Brie, Camembert) and of course desserts.

Crémant d’Alsace BRUT« RUNNER »  0,75L

 21 лв. / б; 10,76 / b €

Crémant d’Alsace ROSE « RUNNER »  0,75L
 21 лв. / б; 10,76 / b €

Pinot blanc
Pale yellow. Delicate net and end on notes of apples.
Structure evolves on the palate fresh notes of honey. Very pleasant wine has
 put on all the tables for the pleasure of tasting or simply with a varied kitchen or daily dishes

Pinot blanc 2012  0,75L
 18 лв. / б; 9.23 € / b
of a light color is bright and clear. Expressive nose, intense
revealing aromas of fruit and lemongrass. Balanced mouth right marked
by a touch of acidity while fresh. Consistent advocate of tartar, seafood, fish, chicken fricassee

Riesling 2013  0,75L

18 лв. / б ; 9.23 € / b

Pinot gris
Golden yellow color and long greasy tears.
Expressive nose with aromas and pleasant red fruit and honey.
The palate is generous and round up supportentire meal of sweet desserts.

Pinot gris 2013  0,75L

19 лв. / б ; 9,74 € / b

Edelzwicker, or alsace edelzwicker, is a French white wine produced in the vineyards of Alsace from a blend of grape varieties. This is a denomination within the alsace appellationEdelzwicker is a light and fresh wine. It reveals a floral nose, a supple and fruity mouth.
Grapes: Sylvaner, Riesling, Pinot Blanc / 80%, Gewurztraminer, Muscat / 20%

Edelzwicker 2013  0,75L

8,20 / 15,99 lv